Publications List

The Economic Institute produces economic policy analyses on Bay Area and California issues, and economic impact analyses for public and private sector clients. A chronological list of the PDF versions of Bay Area Council Economic Institute publications appears below with the newest reports listed first.

Chronological List of Publications

  • Reinventing Manufacturing: How the Transformation of Manufacturing Is Creating New Opportunity for California explores how technology is revolutionizing manufacturing processes through innovations in 3D printing, robotics and big data (the Internet of Things)—often based on innovations that come from California. A range of factors, including rising labor costs in China, are leading some manufacturers to bring production home. California is in a good position to capture much of this growth, but needs policies that support and incentivize investment.
    —April 2016 (PDF: 114 pages, 9.5 MB)
  • Investing with Purpose: Unlocking the Economic Potential of Impact Investments dissects the concept of impact investing and its potential social effects, and concludes with a set of recommendations for structural adjustments and policy changes that can continue momentum in the impact investing field.
    —February 2016 (PDF: 42 pages, 6.2 MB)