Education & Workforce

The robust Bay Area economy creates a tremendous number of jobs, particularly during times of economic expansion. But the workforce does not always have the technical, hard and soft skills to fill these positions and many people remain unemployed. We must continue to invest in education and workforce development across the continuum from early childhood education to the region’s world-leading institutions of higher learning. Only then can businesses get the skilled workforce they need and workers and their families have career and financial security.



The Northern California Megaregion

As the population of Northern California continues to grow, challenges in housing, land use, jobs, transportation, and the environment have crossed regional boundaries and are linking cities, counties, and regions together across wider geographies. These issues make planning at a megaregional scale increasingly necessary to achieve a broader footprint of economic prosperity and for California to reach its carbon reduction goals.

Building Gender Equity
in the Workplace

Addressing workplace inequalities between women and men is essential for economic development. Millions of talented women are not given the opportunities they deserve to advance professionally, ultimately affecting their economic success and that of the companies they work for.

Micah Weinberg on Inside Silicon Valley with Russell Hancock

On Monday January 18, 2016, Institute President Micah Weinberg appeared as a guest speaker on Inside Silicon Valley, a radio program presented by Joint Venture Silicon Valley hosted by Russell Hancock. During the program — which …


The 1099 Economy — Elusive, but Diverse and Growing

The recent growth of the segment of the labor force made up of contract workers — sometimes known as freelancers, gig-workers, supertemps, or 1099 workers (“1099” refers to the IRS Form 1099-MISC used by independent contractors) — was initially described as a tidal wave.

California Higher Education

The Master Plan for Higher Education in California, produced in 1960, provided a forward-looking strategy for handling the challenges then facing the state. Today, California is at another critical juncture with respect to higher education, …