The Bay Area economy has been the envy of the world for fifty years running. Our business leaders have revolutionized industries from semiconductors to personal computers to the internet to social media and in healthcare, biotechnology, environmental science and many other fields. Today’s challenge is to preserve the growth and resilience of our economy and to share our prosperity more broadly, particularly through the creation of more middle wage jobs.



Economic Development in the Bay Area

Regional agency planning functions in the Bay Area span the areas of transportation, land use, and the environment; however, there is no entity or official capacity that takes economic development into account for the entire …


Bay Area Job Watch

The California Employment Development Department (EDD) has released job and labor force estimates for July 2017. Here are the highlights.The California Employment Development Department (EDD) has released job and labor force estimates for July 2017. …


Innovation Bridge

The San Francisco Bay Area, which includes Silicon Valley, is widely seen as the world’s leading center for technology innovation and entrepreneurial activity, a status reflected in its research universities, its extraordinary aggregation of venture …


Bay Area Balance

Bay Area decision-makers face a critical challenge: to support continued inclusive economic growth while still maintaining a balance of open space that makes the Bay Area such a unique and beautiful region.


The Economic Impacts of a New Baseball Stadium in Oakland

This brief quantifies the economic impact of the Athletics on the City of Oakland, with a focus on projecting the total economic impacts that a new stadium will bring to the city over 10 years.


The Real Impact of Trade Agreements

Political debate and the anxiety it has fueled have created an unfortunate—and inaccurate—impression that trade agreements have destroyed manufacturing and are killing US jobs. A look at the facts reveals a more complex story and …


The Northern California Megaregion

As the population of Northern California continues to grow, challenges in housing, land use, jobs, transportation, and the environment have crossed regional boundaries and are linking cities, counties, and regions together across wider geographies. These …


How will ‘Brexit’ Impact the Bay Area?

Institute Senior Director Sean Randolph offers initial analysis of the historic vote in Britain to exit the European Union and its impact on the Bay Area economically. The full implications of Britain’s decision to leave …


Invest in training to revitalize California manufacturing

Is it true? That we don’t make anything in the U.S. anymore? That all our production has moved to China? That manufacturing has left California and isn’t coming back? That it’s too expensive to manufacture …


Health Reform

As with any piece of federal lawmaking, the ACA was the product of political compromise among parties and interests. Hence, it is not the dramatic change its supporters had hoped for, and it goes much …


Promise and Perils of an Accelerated Economy

It has been over eight years since the onset of the Great Recession, and we are in the midst of one of the longest periods of consecutive jobs and output expansion in the history of …

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