Measuring the Economic Impact of Building a New Stadium in Oakland

Last Tuesday, Economic Institute Vice President Jeff Bellisario joined by Oakland Athletics’ President Dave Kaval discussed the findings of a new Institute report on the economic impact of building a new Stadium in Oakland. The study found that over the first 10 years of operation a new baseball stadium for the Oakland Athletics would generate $3.05 billion in economic impact for the residents and businesses of the city. Building the stadium would also create 2,000 construction jobs, many of which would go to local workers and businesses under hiring agreements expected to accompany the project. The analysis breaks down the economic impact of the new stadium as follows:

  • $768 million from construction and related spending
  • $1.54 billion from game-day spending
  • $742 million from ballpark operations

While the location of the new stadium has not been specified, the study estimates a new stadium could increase attendance from 1.5 million (2016) to 2.55 million in its first year of operation.

Click here to watch Institute Vice President Jeff Bellisario and Athletics’ President Dave Kaval discuss the study’s findings on KTUV’s morning segment.

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