For years, the Institute has been one of the leading voices on regional infrastructure. We have called for and laid out strategies to build or rebuild our regional transportation system, ports, airports, broadband, bridges, water systems and other major projects.



Bay Area Water Resources

A functioning regional economy requires a secure water supply. California’s climate is famously volatile. While the state has averaged about 21 inches of precipitation per year since 1896, any given year can swing wildly from …


The Northern California Megaregion

As the population of Northern California continues to grow, challenges in housing, land use, jobs, transportation, and the environment have crossed regional boundaries and are linking cities, counties, and regions together across wider geographies. These issues make planning at a megaregional scale increasingly necessary to achieve a broader footprint of economic prosperity and for California to reach its carbon reduction goals.

The Case for a Second Transbay Transit Crossing

Over the last decade, the idea of impact investing—marrying financial returns with social returns—has moved from a nascent investment theory employed by a few philanthropic organizations and forward-thinking fund managers to a widely known buzzword in the investment industry. Investing with Purpose: Unlocking the Economic Potential of Impact Investments intents to dissect the concept of impact investing and its potential social effects, and concludes with a set of recommendations for structural adjustments in the impact investing field.

Micah Weinberg on Inside Silicon Valley with Russell Hancock

On Monday January 18, 2016, Institute President Micah Weinberg appeared as a guest speaker on Inside Silicon Valley, a radio program presented by Joint Venture Silicon Valley hosted by Russell Hancock. During the program — which …


21st Century Infrastructure

As California moves deeper into the 21st century, new technologies have changed the way that people interact with infrastructure—especially in the fields of communications and energy. The infrastructure of the future requires the development of …


Public-Private Partnerships

At a time when public finances are severely constrained but demand for improved infrastructure is growing, public-private partnerships (P3) offer an attractive alternative for financing and operating California infrastructure. While P3 methods won’t be appropriate …