Global Connections

As the premier global center for technology and service innovation and a major center of higher education, the Bay Area powerfully shapes and is shaped by the global economy. The Institute continually investigates how the Bay Area serves as an important business and cultural hub by being globally connected through foreign direct investment, links to other technology regions, large numbers of foreign students at its universities, and a globally diverse population.



Chinese Innovation

This report was developed to shed light on a topic that will increasingly impact the US and world economies in the years to come: Is China innovative? Many continue to believe that China is adept at copying foreign technologies, but is not yet a technology and innovation leader. We found that this is an outdated perspective and that the course taken by China’s technological capacity in the coming years will profoundly impact not only competition and market opportunities in China, but global competition as well.

Nordic Dreams

This report discusses the entrepreneurial landscape of the five Nordic countries, and how and why the Nordic region has become a significant technology and innovation partner for the Bay Area and a leader in the two-way innovation process.

Innovation Bridge

Europe is a major economic presence in the Bay Area, through trade, investment, and people. More than any other area of the world, it enjoys strong ties to the region through technology and innovation, and in particular through startups. This report documents the startup bridge that connects the two regions.

How will ‘Brexit’ Impact the Bay Area?

Institute Senior Director Sean Randolph offers initial analysis of the historic vote in Britain to exit the European Union and its impact on the Bay Area economically. The full implications of Britain’s decision to leave …


Can Europe innovate a way out of its “Lost Decade”?

Long before the words “Grexit” or “Brexit” entered the popular lexicon, the economic news out of Europe was difficult. Since the 2008–9 recession, Eurozone countries have been treading water, bobbing up and down in the …


Don’t neglect Bay Area’s European ties in pursuit of Asian trade pact

Much of the news in international trade lately has been about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a free trade negotiation of the United States with 28 Asian countries. Less attention has been given to the Trans-Atlantic …


International Ties: Europe and Asia

Europe’s and China’s economic ties to the Bay Area run extraordinarily deep. Current ties date back to California’s Gold Rush and the founding of San Francisco through the present day development of the region as …


Europe and the Bay Area

The innovation economies of Europe and the Bay Area are becoming increasingly integrated and spurring new business growth in both regions of the world.

Ties That Bind

In this 2014 revised edition of its study on The San Francisco Bay Area's Economic Links to Greater China, the Economic Institute once again highlights the key market dynamics, deals, forms and innovators that form the close and lasting economic bond between the Bay Area and China.