Bay Area Bridge Crossings Monthly Tracker

April 2022 update: Weekday bridge traffic recovery still 3x higher than weekday public transit ridership recovery

An analysis of data from the Bay Area’s seven state-owned toll bridges shows traffic at 83 percent of pre-pandemic levels, while BART ridership lingers at 32% and Caltrain even further behind at 19%. The original analysis shows that people who are commuting are choosing to drive alone or carpool, rather than take transit. This pattern indicates that transit will have to be competitive with driving alone for people to choose to ride when they come back to the office.

The Council is sponsoring SB917 (Becker), which aims to make transit more attractive through integrated signage, wayfinding, real-time data, and the development of a connected network plan, as well as SB922 (Wiener) which enables the creation of carpool lanes and bus rapid transit lanes so that transit times can be competitive with driving alone.