Current Openings

2024 Summer Research Associate

The Bay Area Council Economic Institute is seeking a paid Summer Research Associate to work in conjunction with staff on projects that track the Bay Area economy through a variety of economic indicators. Job functions include compiling data sources, running basic analyses, creating visualizations, and writing about findings. Associates need to have a high comfort level with Excel or a statistical software, an ability to derive findings and create a narrative from quantitative analysis, and a desire to dig into data points on the Bay Area’s economic health. 
The associate will assist ongoing research projects, with a particular focus on downtown San Francisco’s economic recovery post-pandemic. Topics may include:

  • Job growth and employment
  • Commercial and residential real estate trends
  • Transportation and mobility (public transit ridership, traffic patterns)
  • Demographic and socioeconomic change

The Economic Institute also does significant work on global issues, so there may be some research on international affairs, migration, and connections to California.
Compensation and Benefits
  • The summer research associate will be expected to work 4 days (32 hours) per week at a rate of $25.00/hour. This position will run for 12 weeks with a flexible start date in late May/early June, with a possibility of extension into the fall.
  • The position does not include benefits other than those required by San Francisco law for sick leave.
  • Associates are required to come into the office every Tuesday and Thursday at the Bay Area Council headquarters, located on the Historic Klamath on Pier 9, San Francisco.
How to Apply
  • Applications will be open until Friday, March 29th, 2024 at 11:59pm.
  • Please send a resume and a response to the prompt below as one PDF document (with the title format “LastName_FirstName_JobTitle”) to Abby Raisz at

Prompt: In ~300 words, tell us about an economic or policy issue that interests you and data sources or metrics you might use to research that issue.