Science & Innovation

The Bay Area Science and Innovation Consortium (BASIC) serves as a platform for the region’s research community—including its five national laboratories, five research universities, and leading corporate and independent laboratories—to address issues of critical importance to the science and technology community.



Chinese Innovation

This report was developed to shed light on a topic that will increasingly impact the US and world economies in the years to come: Is China innovative? Many continue to believe that China is adept at copying foreign technologies, but is not yet a technology and innovation leader. We found that this is an outdated perspective and that the course taken by China’s technological capacity in the coming years will profoundly impact not only competition and market opportunities in China, but global competition as well.

Innovation Bridge

Europe is a major economic presence in the Bay Area, through trade, investment, and people. More than any other area of the world, it enjoys strong ties to the region through technology and innovation, and in particular through startups. This report documents the startup bridge that connects the two regions.

Entrepreneurs, Startups and Innovation at the University of California

This report examines a broad range of initiatives at the University of California’s ten campuses—plus UC Hastings Law School, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory—that are designed to support entrepreneurial development and startup formation, and through them stimulate economic activity in surrounding regions and communities.

Reinventing Manufacturing

Technology is revolutionizing manufacturing processes through innovations in 3D printing, robotics and big data (the Internet of Things) – often based on innovations that come from California. A range of factors, including rising labor costs in China, are leading some manufacturers to bring production home. California is in a good position to capture much of this growth, but needs policies that support and incentivize investment.